You Can Save Yourself From Illnesses and Diseases


I know that you’re hurt and pain. However, I would like you patiently to read this paper, and to act step by step as what I write here, I will provide basis information of illnesses and diseases and because it can save you, at least it helps you to reduce your painfulness, or the best is you will escape from your diseases/illnesses.

Diseases and illnesses, it has a lot of name according to what scientists found and classified based on the phenomena and/or the physical objects. In this paper, I will call them generally in a same name, which is “illness” and below is its types and causes.

Types of illness

Physical body illness is the trouble happens on your physical body such as cancer, stomach pain, osteoarthritis, gout, stroke, pimples, necrosis, and so on.

Mental illness is the trouble with your head such as depression, stress, insomnia, forgetfulness, Parkinson’s, ghosting, etc.

Causes of illness

See this map:

you can save yousefl from illnesses and diseases


What unexpectedly happens in your life called troubles, troubles come from the outside world, it is not under your control, it activates your faith or your thought depends on how you understand the trouble, but surely what called trouble is more serious than what you know, if not it doesn’t be called “trouble”.

Right faith, right thought will produce the emotion of peacefulness such as “it is easy”, “it is a piece of cake” etc, you will feel relax with your body, it will be comfort to the nature, balancing, the outcome you get is healthy, robust, confident, etc.

If it is wrong faith, wrong thought, what happens? Your body will NOT produce the emotion of peacefulness, instead of that, it is anxious, stress, worry, frustrating etc and you will naturally against your body such as try to brace yourself, to control or to get over the dislike, uncomfortable feels, remember when you get hurt? That stuff will be integrated until it is strong enough to show you some signs such as the pain, swelling or to show your doctor something such as what taken in x-ray scan picture, that is illness.

How to treat it?


This part is the most important part, do it unlimited times daily.

There are three steps to guide you healing yourself in an audio,and however I would like you to understand what those steps are by reading below:

Step 1: Relax your brain. Your brain is the general of your body, it is the great director of your body and also it is the marvelous doctor of yourself.

Step 2: Realize the feeling of illness or hurt, say it out loud to remove the stiffness which was created during the tension of your muscle to against the pain, this is like you remove everything for the water to flow naturally as it should be. For example: pain, heavy, tension, etc whatever; just say it out loud.

Step 3: relax your whole body, let the pain be pain, let hurt be hurt, let suffer be suffer, do not try to against it because from now on your brain is releasing its miracle power (energy) to heal your body; feel your  illness is reducing on your each breath out, that’s all.

Start your audio here:


I will recommend you to do “The 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation” (another name: The Fountain of Youth), there is a lot of post saying about its benefit on Google so I will not repeat it here. During the time treating your illness, I recommend you to do twice a day or more. Once you escaped your illness, keep doing once a day ONLY.

Youtube links for your reference:     1    2   3


The root causes of illness is your bad emotion, your food is also a resource of emotion that supplied to your body. Let choose the food which contains less emotion as below:

food recommendation

When you eat, eat in the peacefulness way which means to eat when your brain is relaxed, your emotion are balanced, focus on your meal, you know you’re eating.

What to drink?


It doesn’t require how much water you should drink, just drink as much as your body needs. However how you drink is more important; before you drink, think about happiness, thankfulness in your mind and then drink slowly, as slow as even you can feel where does the water flow in your digestive system, that’s all.


If you want to be recovering fast, those three parts, do it more often. I would tell you some experienced stories but do not expect so much, because everything depends on yourself, Jesus said that too.

Story 1: a lady who was born in 1993, she got leg necrosis for years, she tried in many hospital but it changed nothing, she was used to the blood because she had to see her doctor to remove the death meat without analgesic; it took her 3 weeks to be recovered, completely escaped from necrosis and be more beautiful when she did healing herself.

Story 2: a gentleman, retired, blood cancer, his doctor told him there was only 3 months left. He took 1 month to do this healing, when he returned to his doctor to do the test, he found no more cancer cells, he is now a strongman and he goes everywhere to help people away from illness like him.

There still has more stories, yours will be one.

Those stories is not for convincing you to belief, I just mean to show you the results, and JUST DO IT with your empty mind, do not expect too much or doubt, once again JUST DO IT, simple is miracle.

This quote is for you

“Your job is only to get over the feeling of illness; healing is for the nature, for your great God”.   Good luck!


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